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43A Vitovsky St., Lviv

Brand Chef

Ruslan Sorochynskyi

Ruslan Sorochynskyi — is a truly invaluable asset of our restaurant.

We are lucky to have this inspired chef on our team who makes every dish perfect.

Ruslan trained with top culinary academies: ELBulli (molecular cuisine) in Spain, Le Cordon Bleu and DGF (confectionery) in France, and worked for Michelin-rated restaurants. Now we are fortunate to have him with us.

«I have my kitchen tradition. I always try to inspire my team creatively. So I always give them the opportunity to implement their ideas and desires. And I also love working to a brutal and energetic music in the background. This way, we cook in a certain rhythm.

What is culinary art to me? In a nutshell, this is something I must do.»

- Ruslan Sorochynskyi


At «Park» we offers delicious dishes, because «they have» a great platform for culinary projects and creations: a state-of-the-art, fully equipped kitchen second to no other in Lviv. Frankly speaking, all the options it offers inspire our team to create new and unique dishes every time. The next generation kitchen, equipped with many shops and equipment, enables us to meet any culinary wishes of our guests.

Our team includes almost 40 chefs of different specialisations, including sushi makers, bakers and cold and hot dishes shops. Confectioners occupy a place of honour in our kitchen. Kitchen technical equipment meets European standards to ensure the top quality and speed of preparation of food. We offer our chefs regular training abroad to support their professional development.


Quality, excellences, good memories and product safety are our top priorities. We treat our guests with respect and dignity. In our interaction with guests, we adhere to a basic tenet: use a personalised approach to each guest. People who work for our company are our most valuable asset.


We prepare incredible Eastern and European dishes according to old recipes in new and fascinating interpretations. Our dishes are delicious, exquisite, unforgettable and healthy — as we choose only quality ingredients, because we focus not only on the great taste but also on benefits to your health.