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43A Vitovsky St., Lviv


About Us

«Park. Art of Rest» — is a restaurant complex located next to the central part of Lviv and surrounded by a green oasis of the Culture Park. Parking facilities with 50 slots are available on the premises, and you are almost sure to find an available slot on most occasions.

Our Complex includes two halls: Rest Hall (ground floor), Art Hall (first floor), 2 VIP rooms with 20 seats each. Two floors with halls available to make any festive and everyday wishes come true. A wedding reception of your dreams, a corporate event for select colleagues, your parent's birthday party, a private party or a business dinner in a VIP room.

The Rest Hall lounge restaurant is open from 12.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m. Here you can taste the chef's dishes from the à la carte menu and craft cocktails from the talented bar manager Roman Gerasymovych. From here you can also access the terrace where you can order a hookah and stay among the greenery.

Our professional sommelier Bohdan Pavlyuh, a recipient of multiple national and international awards, will help you select wine.


«Park. Art of Rest» was founded by the Lviv-based holding «Akurat», which also includes the improvisational restaurant «Hrushevskyi Cinema & Jazz», hosper pub «Kogut», art hotel «Modern» and a chain of shops «Lviv Fruit Brandies». For more than a decade, Akurat Holding has been successfully serving the cultural capital of Ukraine, and our locations have long become favourite gastronomic and cultural venues for Lviv residents and guests!

History of the Building

Druzhba „Cinema” was built in 1953 in „ Stalinist neoclassical style” and was designed by the architect Stanislaw Sokolov as part of the ensemble of park buildings (including a cinema, an open-air theatre, a stage, the central alley and the main entrance arch).

The facade of the cinema is decorated with a sculptural group – representing two men and a woman symbolising Friendship. Since no sculptor could implement the architect's design on time – a sculptural group of three women with sheaves of cereals in their hands, the architect came up with a compromise: the figures of a worker, a African man and a Chinese woman were urgently found at a local sculpture and ceramic factory, which can still be seen on the pediment of the former cinema.

Since the 1980s, the cinema was no longer in operation, similarly to other outdated and dilapidated park facilities. Extremely popular in the past, an open-air summer «theatre» with its amphitheatrical auditorium was demolished due to the emergency state of the building. In the 1990-2000s, the building of«Druzhba Cinema» suffered extensive damage due to repeated flooding of the premises.

Art of Rest Achievements
-07 / 2020
Sil Award
-12 / 2019
Frontrunner of the Sil 2019 National Award
-11 / 2019
-07 / 2019
Awards of Excellence 2018 from Wine Spectator
-12 / 2018

Цю міжнародну винагороду з берегів Гудзону (Нью Йорк) отримують ресторани за асортимент винної карти з цікавими пропозиціями, які відповідають кухні закладу. Ресторанам, які демонструють безкомпромісну, пристрасну відданість якості винним картам 

-11 / 2018
Park. Art of Rest здобув перемогу, як кращий європейський проект, в міжнародному конкурсі EUROPE PROPERTY AWARDS 2018, в номінації "Проект інтер'єру та архітектури закладів відпочинку". Нагородження відбулось 25 жовтня 2018 року в The Royal Lancaster! London, United Kingdom
Проект року Fundermax
-10 / 2018

Park. Art of Rest переміг у конкурсі «Проект року Fundermax» у  номінації "Австрійський вибір", який щорічно організовує столична компанія «Будівельна Зірка» 

Українский сомельє 2017
-07 / 2017

Сомельє відпочинкового комплексу Park. Art of Rest став віце-чемпіоном на 16-му всеукраїнському конкурсі «Українский сомельє 2018» 


Art Project "Playground". A wonderful project by Marko Savytsky implemented by the Damascus-Design team. Even a kid-friendly place can be a true work of art. The playground is located next to the terraces, so we will keep a close eye on your children while you enjoy your meal


The layout of our premises enables brides to host outdoor wedding ceremonies. Your decorators can use any necessary equipment and make all your ideas come true.