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Corporate Events

A company’s success depends directly on the ambience prevailing among the team of employees. Collaborative informal events and corporate events help unite people around common goals, celebrate a special date, or thank employees for their productive and dedicated work. A venue for corporate events plays a most important role, because it’s the corporate level and atmosphere that reflect company values and status.

Park. Art of Rest has a fantastic restaurant for celebrating corporate events in Lviv. A cozy park atmosphere creates the impression of a country holiday near the city centre. Here, you can get away from everyday work, relax with colleagues and fully enjoy your day!

When you choose a restaurant for a corporate event in Lviv, it’s important to consider a venue that can be adapted to the number of guests and the event format. Park. Art of Rest offers rooms for all types of corporate events. Here, you can organize your event as a buffet, banquet or combine it with a mini-conference that presents the company’s achievements, its strategic goals or new developments. The Park. Art of Rest complex has all the required technical means, from microphones and music to a giant presentation screen.

If you’re looking for a restaurant for a corporate event in Lviv, please contact Park. Art of Rest hospitality managers to learn more about our exclusive offers.


Corporate Event Venues

A corporate event venue should correspond to the event format, the number of guests and convey a pleasant atmosphere. Park. Art of Rest enables you to create the atmosphere that best suits your corporate culture - from a private intimate event for top managers to a fairy-tale evening party for several hundred people that will never be forgotten.

Event Hall

The most spacious corporate event venue in Lviv that can be easily decorated in the company’s corporate style, thus adding a unique atmosphere to your event and perfectly conveying company values.

The Event Hall can be used for corporate events in the following formats:

  • banquet for up to 150 guests | 15 round tables | dance floor
  • banquet for up to 230 guests | 23 round tables | dance floor on the first floor
  • buffet | 300-350 guests | dance areas
  • corporate conference | 300 guests | catering on the first floor

Call for details: +380 97 621 0342 - Vasylʹ

Restaurant Hall

If you’re looking for a corporate event venue in Lviv that combines a refined atmosphere and a natural park environment, the Restaurant Hall is your best choice! Here, we can organize a corporate event in the following formats:

  • banquet | 100 guests | 10 round tables | dance floor
  • buffet | 200-250 guests | dance floor
  • à la carte | 92 guests | dance floor

Call for details: +380 67 447 6166 - Olena

VIP Rooms

We at Park. Art of Rest can also organize corporate events for a small number of employees. In this case, we offer an intimate corporate event hall on the first floor overlooking the beautiful park.

The following options are available:

VIP Room | Conference Room no.1

  • banquet | up to 18 guests

VIP Room | Conference Room no.2

  • banquet | up to 22 guests 
  • conference | up to 30 guests | presentation screen

Call for details: +380 67 447 6166 - Olena

Restaurant for Corporate Events

Park. Art of Rest - a restaurant for corporate events in Lviv that provides a wide range of services and allows you to organize different festivities for over 350 guests. A wide selection of dishes from our chef’s menu, a wine list with over 150 different selections, special bar offers from our professional bartenders and unlimited possibilities and formats for organizing your event. It’s our mission to craft your corporate event so that it remains unforgettable, an amazing time full of positive emotions, unsurpassed flavours and impeccable service.

Contact the hospitality managers at Park. Art of Rest and book the date of your unforgettable corporate event!


Vita Nakonechna

What are the usual requests from companies that plan to organize a cool corporate party? Plenty of space, loud music without time restrictions, access to the street / terrace and delicious food.
All these advantages are absolutely offered by Park. Art of Rest. At this location, it is comfortable to hold a corporate party for small companies and rent only the first floor, and to organize large-scale events as well. By the way, the advantage consists in that on the first floor there is a large screen that can be used for videos or interactives.
In addition, the restaurant administration always meets its customers’ needs and offers comfortable conditions. And you can be sure that during the preparation for the event and on the day of the celebration, everything is always under control, as there is cooperation between employees and organizers.

Chopyk Oleh

I am grateful to the staff of Park. Art of Rest for an excellent celebration they organized for our team! We celebrated the corporate event in a loud and funny way. Everything was delicious. Snacks are served in an interesting manner. I recommend the restaurant to everyone! 

Havrylyuk Yuliya

Thank you for an excellent corporate event. An interesting interior, the cuisine and service: everything was perfect!

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