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About Us

About Us

Park. Art of Rest is a large green area conveniently located near the city centre. Our complex combines active city life with the tranquillity of nature. We’re a great place for work-life balance! 

Park. Art of Rest offers something for everyone! The ground floor of the Restaurant building has a restaurant where we serve world cuisine and signature and classic cocktails from the 7 Wonders Bar. Our sommelier will advise you on the best wine from our extensive wine list, which offers more than 150 selections.

The second floor - the Event Hall - is open for your events and celebrations. Our team can adapt and design the hall for wedding receptions, conferences, corporate events or private parties.

We also have two conference rooms for up to 25 people, where you can organize a presentation, a tasting session, a private dinner or private talks.

We at Park. Art of Rest never neglect our youngest visitors. We offer a special children’s menu and a large safe playground for your kids to enjoy.

Guests who are searching for peace and nature amid the hustle and bustle of city life can relax and enjoy two comfortable terraces overlooking the park. In summer, our sliding walls bring the outdoor feeling indoor, while in winter, a modern heating system creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. 

For your convenience, a parking lot for 50 vehicles is located nearby.

Park. Art of Rest is open every day from 12:00.

History of the Building

The Druzhba Cinema opened in 1952. It was designed by architect Stanislav Sokolov in the Stalinist Empire style and became part of the Park of Culture complex.

The cinema was named after a sculptural group depicted on the facade of the building. It has been preserved for visitors to admire. Initially, the sculpture was supposed to represent three peasant women holding sheaves of wheat, but the factory did not have time to complete the order. Therefore, the figures of Soviet, African and Chinese Komsomol members were found in some warehouses at the last minute. They symbolize friendships between different nations.

However, due to the poor condition of the building, the cinema stopped operating in the 1980s. In the 1990s it was almost destroyed due to constant flooding.

Reconstruction began in 2016 and the Druzhba Cinema has slowly come to life.

Art of Rest Achievements
Award of Excellence 2021 from Wine Spectator
-07 / 2021

For the fourth year in a row, we’ve received an international award from Wine Spectator, an authoritative American magazine specializing in wine and wine culture. We’re proud to offer you the best wines in the world!

Award of Excellence 2020 from Wine Spectator
-07 / 2020

The international prize from the American wine magazine Wine Spectator is awarded to restaurants that have created outstanding wine lists. Critics evaluate the range and varieties of wine, as well as food and wine pairing offered by the restaurant.

Finalist of the Sil national award 2019
-12 / 2019

Reaching the final of the Sil award is a sign of overall quality, from cuisine to services. An independent national jury marked us as one of the best restaurants in Ukraine, which confirms the high standards of our work.

Ukrainian sommelier 2019
-11 / 2019

Our sommelier was the laureate of the Ukrainian Sommelier 2019 competition.

Award of Excellence 2019 from Wine Spectator
-07 / 2019

This award is attributed for wine lists and can be equated to a Michelin star. It confirms that our wine list has been drawn up by professionals and is in tune with our atmosphere and unique dishes. In fact, our wine list offers something for everyone.

Award of Excellence 2018 from Wine Spectator
-12 / 2018

Wine Spectator critics evaluate wine lists of restaurants from across the globe and award those that are distinguished by their sophistication, versatility and quality. It's all about guiding guests to ensure that everyone will enjoy and appreciate both the food and the wine in the best possible manner.

European Property Awards 2018
-11 / 2018

Park. Art of Rest was awarded the title of Best European Project in the category Best Interior and Architectural Design of Recreation Facilities in the European Property Awards 2018, an international competition, judging the very best in architecture and interior design across the continent.

Fundermax Project of the Year
-10 / 2018

Park. Art of Rest won top prize in the category Austrian Choice in the Fundermax Project of the Year, which is organized annually by Budivelna Zirka, a Kyiv-based company.


We have created a special open-air space so that you can organize and celebrate a wedding amidst the park’s green surroundings. Your decorators will be able to set up the installation for the wedding ceremony, and your guests will be comfortably seated around. You wedding will definitely be a special event!